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Whether your company has 3 employees or 300, you can re-energize your team with a retreat. Team building retreats will boost the morale of your employees, strengthen their bonds, expose their hidden talents, help them overcome any fears and build a stronger team. As well, they’ll learn how to work towards overall goals by using specific targets to meet these goals.

Planning a Retreat

When you’re planning a retreat you’ll need to consider the goals of your business. Would you like to build up the trust between the team members or encourage thought provoking conversations between employees? When you’re planning your retreat, it’s best to formulate these goals ahead of time so that they can be addressed.

Once you have formulated your goals feel free to call us at Toronto Event Planners. If you need help determining these goals or narrowing them down for retreat purposes, please feel free to give us a call. We love planning retreats for businesses because we know the powerful effect that they can have on team spirit and overall productivity. Many companies have reported that their business profits have grown by leaps and bounds following a retreat.

Choosing the Venue

The right venue will give you the tools you need the most to keep employees focused on teamwork and creativity. Some examples of retreat activities include rope climbing, archery and lake activities. You’ll find different venues in your local area offering these types of teambuilding activities.

When employees engage in rope climbing it will build on communication, trust and problem solving with a team effort. Lake activities such as paddle boarding and kayaking help with communication skills, leadership abilities and independent thinking. Archery gives your employees the chance to split up into teams to encourage friendly competition while building up confidence.

When you have determined your business goals and want to schedule a retreat, Toronto Event Organizers can help with all the planning. We can make helpful suggestions to get you started and can recommend different venues based on the goals you want to reach. We have worked with a wide range of businesses including mom-and-pop shops with only a few employees and major corporations that employ thousands.

Team building retreats provide positive outcomes that lead to increased productivity between employees. To find out more about organizing a retreat for team building, please visit or call 647-522-6161 today.